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This little item we
own and use
ourselves. It is a
little gem. Just plug
it into any outlet. An
alarm will sound
notifying you of a
power failure.  No
more waking up to
find out your alarm
clock failed.  Also
tells you to keep an
eye on your sump
pump and
Some items on this page might be products we endorse or
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Power Failure:    Although these products are not really home
repair products, they may help you save on home repairs.
This safety light is a
MUST!  Just plug it
into an outlet and
when the power
goes out the light
comes on.  We
position ours near
stairs and doorways.
Now when the
power goes out, we
are not fumbling in
the dark. We have
one in each of our
main rooms.    
Check it out!
You can use this
great device to
power radios,
lights, charge
power failure.  
Take it with you in
the car or camping
trips.  Use it on the
deck or in the
backyard. We've
used it to jump
start vehicles.
"Feeling gratitude
and not
expressing it, is
like wrapping a gift
and not giving it."
Here is a great product!   Please check it out!
Call with any