Below is a partial list of the projects we can help you achieve.  Always feel
free to
contact us about a project you want to do.
Installation - Either new or replacement
Tile Repair:
Replace cracked tile

Repair Grout
Grout Coloring:
Coloring your old and stained grout is a great way to renew your
floors or tub walls without the high costs of replacing flooring or
grout. This process also seals the grout.
Caulk Maintenance
Replacing the caulk around tub and showers annually can save you
big money over time.  When caulk becomes old and brittle it can
cause leaks.  These leaks will damage your tub walls and possible
the walls in rooms surrounding or below your bathroom.  This simple
maintenance can  prevent this damage.  It also makes your room
look nicer.
Laminate Flooring:
Laminate flooring has so many choices of colors and textures.  It is
a wonderful way to improve your home.
Too Many to List:
Many minor repairs all around the house.  Just call or email us to
see what we can do to help you with your project.
Call with any